Luang Prabang National Stadium

There are some things you expect to find at the end of a dirt road, rubbish tips are
the first thing that spring to mind.

A worn out athletics track isn’t something that tops the list, but that’s exactly what I found in Luang Prabang, Laos. Although it was still slightly in use, it definitely needed a big makeover. The whole site had a feeling of a post nuclear fallout. The grass was mown by one bloke who must have received a Bunnings gift card for Christmas and ran out of grass at home. The cracks in the athletics track resembled a lava flow and were as high as hurdles in some places.

In my few hours there it was only used by a few children for football practise and one child using the track as a makeshift velodrome, until a Toyota Camry came along to practise their NASCAR driving and forced him off.  According to the Wikipedia article the stadium can fit 20,000 people, which would put the capacity of the MCG at about 1.7 million. 

Definitely worth a quick visit to take some photos or have a trot if you’re ever in Luang Prabang, just don’t ask me how to find it. 

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