Da Lat’s Crazy House

A mix between a Dr Suess book, Alice in wonderland and an acid trip, Da Lat’s ‘crazy house’ is an example of Vietnam’s blasé attitude towards health and safety and an awesome place to spend a morning.

The whole thing has been made to look like a mystical treehouse by Vietnamese architect Ms. Dang Viet Nga, where you can either visit for the day or even stay in one of the many different themed rooms on the property. As with most tourist sites in Vietnam, looking around involved elbowing Russian and Chinese tour groups and waiting around to get an empty shot in the main areas. But also with many Vietnamese locations the Crazy house is perpetually under construction and anyone can simply walk through areas that are unfinished as long as you’re happy to hop through some scaffolding. 

Definitely worth a visit to here and the similarly designed maze bar where you can get tanked and play hide and seek through a 7 story maze. 

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