Bokor Mountain

Cambodia is a weird
country, for whatever reason they have a casino complex and resort atop a
mountain with nothing else for miles around. To top it off there is an
abandoned casino and catholic church often shrouded by cloud. The whole site
has a similar feeling to the abandoned waterpark in Vietnam I wrote about a few
months back, one that definitely could be transformed into a call of duty map
quite easily. I think the best thing about being on the mountain though is the
weather, a nice chilly 18 degrees that is a must needed respite from the
draining heat and humidity below. 

To get to Bokor, I
highly recommend hiring a scooter from kampot and spending a day riding up the
road and exploring by yourself. The roads are extremely smooth and quiet as the
resort starts at the base of the mountain. Also remember to bring a towel, jacket
and fleece as it gets rather chilly especially when it rains. If you have the time then definitely try a couple of trips up the mountain as it is a completely different feel if you get a clear day, as I did on one of my three excursions here. 

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